US Munchkin Mackenzie spray duckling

Sometime it’s make parents feel headache when they are help their child to take a shower. Because the kids is very naughty. So do you have any method can attract their attention? Maybe you can buy some interesting toy put into bathtub. Look here.

We are most impressed yellow ducklings in the water floating duck pinch will be called, which is almost everyone has the right stuff.

United States Mackenzie improved a little, duck shape is more diverse, the color is very bright. A group of three, has multiple styles. Both male treasure subsection (police duck, duck baseball) and Nubao subsection (Princess duck, duck cheerleading etc.).

Art is really cute and adorable, but also water (there is a small hole at the duckbill).

Further material is high green plastic, not toxic, does not contain BPA (bisphenol A).