Reviewing The Jungle Book Movie From Disney

The Jungle Book

Disney is on fire! It appears the studio is in the midst of a new golden age when it comes to cinema. Now they have hit another home run with a live adaptation of the Disney animated classic, The Jungle Book. The Jungle Book is good wholesome family entertainment that re-imagines the classic tale andRead More

Interesting Norm of the North Blu-ray Review


Telling the ultimate tale of a loveable underdog who proves anything is possible with determination and a posse of loyal lemmings. Check out Kidzworld’s Blu-ray review for Norm of the North! Life can be a real bear—just ask Norm, a polar bear with unusual talents and a heart as big as the great outdoors. WhenRead More

More Boy Would Like To Watch DC Super Friends Videos

DC Super Friends Videos

Super Friends is an American animated television series about a team of superheroes, which ran from 1973 to 1986 on ABC as part of its Saturday morning cartoon lineup. It was produced by Hanna-Barbera and was based on the Justice League of America (JLA) and associated comic book characters published by DC Comics. Watch Batman,Read More