Teeny Teethers | Creative Toys by Minimoon

Teeny Teethers | Creative Toys by Minimoon

We like to support small, yet high-quality projects made with love. Kid’s designs that enhance our everyday. Products that are aesthetically pleasing but also functional. And, of course, stuff that sparks children’s imagination. Today we want to show you a Kickstarter campaign with well-designed toys for the littlest of the house. Product designer and mom Beverly MoonRead More

Reviewing The Jungle Book Movie From Disney

The Jungle Book

Disney is on fire! It appears the studio is in the midst of a new golden age when it comes to cinema. Now they have hit another home run with a live adaptation of the Disney animated classic, The Jungle Book. The Jungle Book is good wholesome family entertainment that re-imagines the classic tale andRead More

Children’s Book Review : DUCK, DUCK, PORCUPINE!


A simple chapter book/graphic novel to engage the youngest new readers. In three unrelated stories, Yoon introduces a clueless big white duck, a helpful little yellow duckling, and their purple porcupine friend. These three won’t replace Frog and Toad, but they have some of the innocence of the beloved amphibians. Each story, conveyed almost entirelyRead More

Children Book Review : TROLL CONTROL


Only two days after her first assignment for the Association Linking Intergalactics and Earthlings as Neighbors, 12-year-old Gabby Duran’s cosmically renowned babysitting skills are called back into service. Ever enthusiastic, the “Sitter to the Unsittables” quickly befriends a lonely young troll whose penchant for thievery and riddles might just make Gabby the most hated memberRead More