ADHD In Children

ADHD In Children

What Is It? Does your child find it hard to focus? Kids with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) are fidgety and easily distracted. This makes it tough to stay “on task,” whether it’s listening to a teacher or finishing a chore. Can’t Pay Attention It’s one of the main symptoms of ADHD. Your child mayRead More

Parents Should Be A Role Model

Parents Should Be A Role Model

Kids learn how to feel about their bodies, abilities, everything — from what you say and do. They are likely to imitate your actions. The most powerful way to teach your kids healthy habits is not by rewarding or punishing them. Instead, act in a positive way and model healthy behaviors. Setting a good exampleRead More

6 Kids’ Rooms Exercise In Daily Routines


Today we want to remind the importance of exercise in their daily routines, this is essential to their motor development as well as physical and emotional growth.Although parents must organize our agendas and kids’ timetables to have time enough to do lots of new things, learning English… This habit must be acquired during the childhood!ItRead More

Tips For Kids’ Exercise


Coach While there is plenty of blame to go around from toxic food, to technology, to parents, the biggest blame lies on the messages being delivered to our youth about exercise. The message kids frequently receive is that exercise is only for athletes, or performing well in a battery of standardized fitness tests. Or weRead More

Home Cooked Meals Make Kids Healthier

cook meals

Recent research published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that a reduction in food away from home, meaning meals from restaurants or fast food, is associated with improved diet quality and greater reductions in percent body fat in children. When you make a meal for your family at home, youRead More

The Non-Team Fun Sports For Kids

The Non-Team Fun Sports

While take me-out-to-the-ball game is indeed a great pastime and there are many benefits to traditional athletics — unless your child is truly enjoying themselves and has his/her head in the game it might be time to discover some new opportunities.Because not all kids are attracted to typical team sports and the competitive fanfare thatRead More

Introducing Kids’ Fitness Trackers

Kids' Fitness Trackers

As the school year winds down and summer vacation begins, kids’ daily routines come to a screeching halt. It gives kids time to be kids, creating more opportunities for free play and creative freedom.So with this tracker, after school PE classes, and sports, Fitness trackers for kids may be the simplest solution can tell yourRead More