4 Easy Ways to Carve Solo Time Into Your Busy Mom Life

Thayer Allyson Gowdy Every mom has bad days. But when those bad days turn into bad months, it might be time to hit pause. That’s what happened to Abigael Tlatelpa, of Brooklyn. The Mexican-American mom found herself continually snapping at her sons—Joseph, 7, and Jayden, 2—for minor offenses like playing soccer inside the house. Things withRead More

4 Fun Activities to Teach Kids About Money

 Blend Images – JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images We don’t have to tell you it’s important to teach your children basic money skills. The big stumbling block is how to do it. Unlike helping a kid learn to ride a bike or make a PB&J, talking about money isn’t second (or even third) nature for most ofRead More

5 Nutrients Your Baby Needs

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock Babies are miraculous growers during their first year of life. From tiny sleeping newborns to animated little pre-toddlers, all of that growth in those 12 months requires serious nutrition. Luckily, breast milk and iron-fortified formulas supply just the right balance of key nutrients to support that fast moving development—and babies will getRead More

6 Ways to Outsmart a Migraine

Priscilla Gragg Migraines affect up to three times as many women as men and are most prevalent in our 30s and 40s—prime parenting years. In fact, more than one in four women in her 30s experiences migraines. “The big question for many moms with migraines is ‘How can I raise a child when it hurtsRead More

5 Ways to Raise a Science-Lover

altanaka/Shutterstock My three kids are natural-born scientists. They’re full of questions, always experimenting to see how things work, and mesmerized by watching a tiny ant carrying a morsel of food. So when my daughter, Stella, started kindergarten, I was shocked to hear that her class studies science for only one hour each week. When IRead More

5 Crafts Kids Can Make for a Good Cause

The charity: Enchanted Makeovers works with women and children living in homeless shelters. The project: Transform colorful socks into a friendly creature for Enchanted Makeovers’ Doll Adoption program. Start by stuffing a new sock with quilt batting; close with glue or a rubber band. Then have your child cut out felt facial features, limbs, wings,Read More