10 Things Parents Say Instead of Swear Words

We asked moms and dads what they say instead of swear words when they get the urge to curse in front of their kiddos. Here are our top 10 favorite responses, which we might just start using ourselves!  1. “Dog-faced head of a stupid horse! My mom used to say it when she was really frustrated;Read More

11 First-Aid Tips for Common Kid Injuries

LightField Studios/Shutterstock When you’re a parent, you’re also a cook, a chauffeur, a counselor, a tutor, a handyman, a coach, and more. But perhaps the scariest role you’ll have to fill at some point is that of an EMT. You know how it goes: You turn your back for just a few seconds and then suddenlyRead More

4 Fun Backyard Water Games

Fill large balloons with water, knot them, then use a short length of string to tie them to tree branches or a clothesline, suggests Michelle Bachman of Little Miss Party, a party-planning firm in New York City. (Note: Cheapie balloons work best for this; they’re easier to pop.) Then grab a Wiffle Ball bat andRead More