Why Your Kid Lies (and What to Do About It)

what to do when your child lies

Last night, my conversation with my daughter went something like this: Me: “Did you brush your teeth?” Daughter: “Yes.” Me: “Are you sure about that?” Daughter: “Yes!” Me: “Why doesn’t your breath smell of toothpaste?” Daughter: “Because I swallowed it all.” Me: “Did you really brush your teeth?” Daughter: “Yes!” Me: “Are you telling aRead More

5 Funny Kids Crafts for Valentine’s!

Valentine’s Day comes again, with filling everything with red and pink tones, hearts and little lovely Cupid. It is a great opportunity to wake up your kids’ creativity while you create unique and special presents for everybody. Here we will introduce some ideas from The House that Lars Built and Tiny Prints. As you willRead More